Beech tree canopy
Beech tree canopy

Tree Services

Arbcymru can offer you complete tree care and management. Whatever your requirements our qualified tree surgeons have the skills to carry out the services you require, below is an overview of some the tree services we can provide:

Tree Removal

Whether its direct tree felling, or dismantling with rigging our tree surgeon can remove your tree quickly and efficiently with minimum impact on the surrounding area.

Crown Reductions & Thinning

If your trees canopy has become crowded or lack of light is and issue, thinning or reducing the crown by target removal of branches could be the solution.

Crown Raising

This is where the lower branches of the tree are removed to provide access underneath the canopy, bring in extra light or to lift away for buildings to avoid damage.



This is where a tree is maintained by removing all the outer branches to manage a trees height and spread, however trees managed in this way require the process to be repeated on a cycle of around 5yrs


Removing a tree or large shrub can make a big difference in a garden, if you require something replanting we can help even if it’s only to offer advice on what spices and type would best suit your needs


Hedge Cutting

Let us Keep you hedges tidy and maintained

Stump Grinding

When a tree or shrub is removed the stump is usually left a few inches above the ground, if you require this to be removed we can grind the main stump down below ground level to permit over seeding of grass or replanting.

Mobile milling

Have a piece of timber that would make a great table? Just had a tree taken down and wish it could be used for more than just firewood? Particularly effective where access is an issue, we can offer onsite milling turning your tree into valuable timber.

Emergancy call outs

We're always happy to discuss or tree services so whatever you require feel free to get in touch!


If you have any queries about any of our tree services or would like to arange a free no obligaton quotation, please contact us:


Tel: 01656 646017


Mobile: 07813869615


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